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Bridge Cardplay : Attack and Defence - Smith

Bridge Cardplay : Attack and Defence - Smith

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Bridge Cardplay : Attack and Defence - Marc Smith

Are you tired of finishing second or third? If you could make even one extra contract per session, or beat the opponents games just a little more often, those few additional matchpoints or IMPs would elevate you into a regular winner. You must have noticed how certain opponents always seem to know when to drop your doubleton queen. How do they manage to avoid taking a losing finesse like everyone else? Do those same opponents also force you to commit yourself to a particular line of defence before you get a signal from your partner? When they are defending, do they offer you a losing option or put you to a premature guess, or simply mislead you with a subtle falsecard? Of course, you expect all this when you play against the experts. They always win. You cannot beat them. Or can you? The techniques employed by the regular winners are not as difficult as you imagine. This book shows how you can acquire them yourself and quickly become one of those players to whom everyone else expects to lose.

160 pages, paperback


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