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Death In Duplicate - Carole Coplea

Death In Duplicate - Carole Coplea

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Death In Duplicate - Carole Coplea
A great gift for your mystery-reading bridge friends

Paperback, 288 pages

A mysterious illness...two dead bridge players...what's going on at Kennington College? On the surface, Kennington is a typlical small U.S. college (although its President certainly considers it superior to most). But when two players collapse and die during a duplicate bridge game at the Faculty Club, it soon becomes clear that there is more to Kennington than meets the eye. It falls to Detective Christina DiLongo to solve a case that is a far cry from the usual petty crimes she encounters - a mystery that inevitably leads her to a close scrutiny of the bridge club and its members. But would anyone really commit murder over a bridge game?

Aouth the Author
Carole Coplea (Oakville, Ontario, Canada) is an enthusiastic bridge player with a background in marketing. This is her first book

Categories: General Interest | Bridge Fiction

ISBN 978-1-897106-98-3, Masterpoint Press


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