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25 Bridge Myths Exposed - David Bird

25 Bridge Myths Exposed - David Bird

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25 Bridge Myths Exposed - David Bird

Paperback, 200 pages

There are many general guidelines for bridge players, some of them valuable, some not. But these are the Bridge Myths, not the Bridge Rules, because they all have exceptions and none should be followed blindly. This book does an excellent job of breaking myths with lots of examples when rules work and when not to follow them. In reading this book you will get to see what it is about each guideline that makes it so useful. Some examples of myths covered in the book are listed below.

- Draw trumps straight away
- Hold up an ace
- Win as cheaply as possible
- Play low in second seat
- Eight ever, nine never
- Ruff losers in the dummy
- Finesse whenever you can
- Play on your longest suit first
- Lead towards high cards
- Ruff the defenders' winners
- Lead low to a trick
- Run your longest suit
- Leave the big decision until last

- Third hand high
- Return partner's suit
- Cover an honor with an honor
- Second hand low
- Capture an honor with an honor
- Lead through strength
- Discard from your weakest suit
- Score a ruff when you can
- Never give a ruff-and-sluff
- Split your honors
- Follow low when a trick is lost
- Don't ruff partner's winner


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