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4 Bridge Booklets

4 Bridge Booklets

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Fourth Suit Forcing - Brian Senior
Fourth suit forcing was one of many novel ideas to come out of the Baron system of bidding. The attitudes of early Acol Theorists has led to an interesting situation: changes in bidding usually start at the top and filter gradually downwards, but fourth suit forcing has become an integral part part of modern Acol because the mass of players took it up despite it's rejection from the top.

Responding to 2NT - Sally Brock
Historically, less attention has been paid to the development of bidding after a 2NT opening than that after a 1NT opening. The major reason for this is that one is not dealt a balanced 21-22 points very often. However, the advent of Benjaminised Acol, the Multi-Coloured Diamond and a whole variety of strong club systems has given players many more hands on which they either open 2NT or rebid 2NT after an artificial response by partner. Thus, combined with a general improvement in bidding standards, it has become much more important to adopt a sensible structure of bidding over 2NT.

Defending Against Pre-Empts - Brian Senior
Pre-emptive opening bids cause problems for even the very best players, and nobody has a perfect system that will work all the time. It would be wishful thinking to expect the same degree of accuracy from a sequence which starts over an opposing 3 club bid as from an uninterrupted auction starting at the one-level.However, that is not to say that you must forever flounder in the dark whenever the opposition pre-empt against you.

The Takeout Double - Tony Sowter
There can be little doubt that the takeout double is one of the most mismanaged and misunderstood conventions in the game of bridge. The purpose of this booklet is to answer most of the basic questions posed by players, from the intelligent learner up to the average player. The whole text is written in a question and answer style, and is primarily aimed at rubber bridge or teams play, rather than match pointed pairs when less standard tactics might be applicable.

4 booklets, 132 pages total


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