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Bridge Baron 26 Upgrade from earlier version 25 (PC/MAC)

Bridge Baron 24 Upgrade from earlier version (PC/MAC)

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Bridge Baron 26 - Upgrade from earlier version 25 (PC and MAC compatible)

7 Bidding Systems!: Acol, Standard American 5-card Majors, SAYC (Standard American Yellow Card), 2-over-1, Precision, La Majeure Cinquieme and Forum D.

New Features:
  • Improved, easy to use Menu layout
  • Improved Visual layout, featuring larger cards
  • Previous Trick View shows last trick made
  • Review feature quickly and easily shows all previous tricks
  • Auction Interpretation function to aid in making the right bidding decisions
  • Improved Bidding and Play
  • New FREE Bridge Tournaments, such as the 2012 NSWBA ANC Butler Open Selection (with Butler IMP's Scoring)
  • 24 new challenging problem deals designed by Kit Woolsey, multiple World Champion, for a total of 386 Challenges.
  • Improved support for Portable Bridge Notation (PBN) files.
Bridge Baron Online Features:
  • Play Duplicate/Rubber bridge games
  • On Mac: join Tournament Tables hosted on iPad/iPhone
  • Play on Public or Private (invitation only) tables
  • never wait for seats to fill up: Computer Opponents ("bots") will play until humans show up
  • Build your own Buddy list
  • Undo and Claim with approval from other players
  • Choose convention card for each partnership
  • "bots" can be Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced.
Classic Features (included from Bridge Baron 22 and older)
  • Get hints on bidding and play at any time, take back bids and plays, view records on what has been bid and played in the game so far.
  • Wide choice of over 60 optional bidding conventions.
  • Bidding and play hints.Two billion random deals.
  • Game types include rubber, duplicate and chicago.
  • Double dummy defence feature.
  • 40 playing difficulty levels.
  • 168 challenge hands designed by Easley Blackwood.
  • Compete in 15 bridge tournaments and receive scores based on the actual tournament results. Extra bridge tournaments are available as supplementary CDs.
  • Play complete bridge matches of up to 16 boards each, with either IMP's, Board-a-Match or Total Points scoring methods.
  • Deal generator, get the computer to deal hands that meet your specifications!
System Requirements
PC: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8, Hard Disk Space: 270MB, CD-ROM drive
Mac: Universal Mac OS X application, requires OS X 10.5 or later


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