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The Setting Trick - Ian McCance

The Setting Trick - Ian McCance

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Subtitled: Practical Problems in Bridge Defense Paperback, 159 pagesThis book of problems in defensive cardplay selects all its deals from real events. What makes it unique as a problem book is that youre not up against a declarer who will always play perfectly. Sometimes the problem allows you to take advantage of declarers mistakes. As the title implies, defeating the contract is the emphasis throughout the book. You are playing teams, not matchpoints, and the number of undertricks or overtricks is irrelevant. You are encouraged to seek out the critical fourth trick against a major-suit game, the fifth against 3NT, and so on.Ian McCance is Australias ninth leading all-time master point holder. A winner of several national championships spanning a period of 51 years at the top, he has also represented his country at the world level. In collaboration with Robert Smart,he devised Specific Trump Cuebids, described in The Bridge World in 1981. Now retired, he writes a weekly newspaper column on bridge.


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