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Tips on Bidding - Mike Lawrence

Tips on Bidding - Mike Lawrence

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Tips on Bidding by Mike Lawrence
Bridge Tips

Paperback, 288 pages

20 years ago, Mike Lawrence published a series of short pamphlets for intermediate players with advice on various aspects of bidding and cardplay. Long unavailable, this material has now been revised, updated, and republished in three anthology volumes, each comprised of about 10 of the original booklets.

The topics here include: The Three-Card Raise, Penalty Doubles, Preempts and The Fine Art of Hanging Partner.

Lawrence is acknowledged as one of the two or three best writers in the world for intermediate players, and there will be a ready audience for this series in its new format.

About the Author
Mike Lawrence (TN) has Hall of Fame credentials both as a player and a writer. An original member of the Dallas Aces, he has won three world titles and eighteen national titles. Several of his books are widely regarded as classics of the game.

Categories: Bidding | Intermediate

ISBN: 978-1-77140-020-6, Master Point Press


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