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Two-Over-One Game Force - Audrey Grant & Eric Rodwell

Two-Over-One Game Force - Audrey Grant & Eric Rodwell

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Learn from two of the biggest names in bridge!Paperback, 238 pagesThis book covers the basics of Two-Over-One Game Force, a popular variation of Standard American bidding methods. The reader is shown how a small modification can make it easier for the partnership to:* Get to the best game contract.* Explore the possibility of slam.It also describes how using a response of 1NT as a forcing bid can improve the partnership results, even on partscore hands.The book is filled with helpful features such as summaries, quizzes, and carefully-constructed sample deals at the end of each chapter. Additional practice deals give the reader an opportunity to become more familiar with each of the concepts introduced in Two-Over-One Game Force.


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