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Two Over One Game Force : Quiz Book - Hardy

Two Over One Game Force : Quiz Book - Hardy

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If you are a true user of the two over one system, this book can do so much more for your understanding of the system than if you perfunctorily run through all the Quizzes and set the book aside.

There are several areas where new ;partnerships are lazy. Since the time in which to formulate Systemic agreements is often limited, opportunities to create superior agreements are cast aside in the name of expediency. Lamentably, this also occurs in partnerships which will be of a lasting nature - the laziness happens without any thought

Most specific is the area of major suit raises. The casual partnership agrees to use direct splinter bids and Jacoby Two No-Trump. This is easy and convenient, but it does not get the job done. The complete major raise structure presented for Two over One, which is so casually ignored by all but the most avid System users, is far superior, so that when hands occur that truly need definition, only the System devotee has the neccessary tools to express the major rais that they hold.

This quiz book is taylored to the true System player. If you simply play as suggested in Two Over One - Game Force, without having studied the text thoroughly, you won't be able to answer the questions correctly. If you are a complete System player, you will revel in these quizzes and the expression of the System they contain.

Those who elect to become involved with the teaching this book provides should find their appreciation of all the devices this system makes available to them enhanced immesurably.


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