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Bridge Baron 26 (PC/MAC)

Bridge Baron 25 (PC and MAC compatible)

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Possibly the best Bridge game on the market with over 40 skill levels from beginner to advanced.

The program works on both Windows and MAC pc’s. By far our most popular selling bridge game, with great flexibility. If you are a MAC user you won’t find a better alternative.

7 Bidding Systems!: Acol, Standard American 5-card Majors, SAYC (Standard American Yellow Card), 2-over-1, Precision, La Majeure Cinquieme and Forum D.

* Added the XYZ convention.
* For your opening 1NT bid, you now have not only the choice of a three-point range, such as 12-14, 15-17, or 16-18, but also the option of a four-point range, such as 11-14 or 15-18.
* Added new Bridge Tournaments for FREE, such as the 2013 Cavendish (with cross-IMPs scoring) and the 2014 NSWBA ANC Butler Open Selection (with Butler IMPs scoring).
* 24 new challenging problem deals for a total of 434 Challenges. Kit Woolsey, multiple world champion and author of several bridge books, designed the new deals.
* Improved the bidding, declarer play, and defense.

More Features

  • All 53 octillion (that's 53 billion billion billion) bridge deals as possible random deals in Bridge Baron.
  • Duplicate / Rubber / Chicago Duplicate / Chicago Rubber
  • Part score hands / Game hands / Slam hands / No trump hands
  • Bidding flowcharts
  • Bidding Interpretation that shows
  • Entered deals from newspaper or other sources
  • Play generated deals created with the Deal Generator
  • Comprehensive Statistics of Your Results
  • Double-dummy and par-contract solvers
  • Challenging problem deals
  • Convention practice module
  • Ability to specify which hands will be played by a human and which hands will be played by the computer.
  • Play from PBN and PPL library
  • Save deals to PPL library

Bridge Baron Online Features

  • Play Duplicate/Rubber bridge games
  • Play on Public or Private (invitation) tables
  • Never wait for seats to fill up, bots will play until humans show up
  • Build your only Buddy list
  • Undo and claim with approval from other players
  • Choose convention card for each partnership
  • Bots can be beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Classic Features (included from Bridge Baron 22 and older)

  • Get hints on bidding and play at any time, take back bids and plays, view records on what has been bid and played in the game so far.
  • Wide choice of over 60 optional bidding conventions.
  • Bidding and play hints.Two billion random deals.
  • Game types include rubber, duplicate and chicago.
  • Double dummy defence feature.
  • 40 playing difficulty levels.
  • 168 challenge hands designed by Easley Blackwood.
  • Compete in 15 bridge tournaments and receive scores based on the actual tournament results. Extra bridge tournaments are available as supplementary CDs.
  • Play complete bridge matches of up to 16 boards each, with either IMP's, Board-a-Match or Total Points scoring methods.
  • Deal generator, get the computer to deal hands that meet your specifications!
System Requirements
PC: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8, Hard Disk Space: 270MB, CD-ROM drive
Mac: Universal Mac OS X application, requires OS X 10.5 or later


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