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Jack 6 Update From Version 5 (PC-CD)

Jack 6 Update From Version 5 (PC-CD)

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Upgrade to the latest version of Jack now with this update. Previous version of Jack required.

Jack 6 Udate From Version 5 (PC CD)
Complete bridge program for players at any level
    Changes Jack 6 vs Jack 5
    With the introduction of Jack 6 we further enhanced and extended the very complete Jack 5 in several ways. Jack 6 improves upon Jack 5 in ways that will benefit advanced players as well as beginners. Tthe most significant new or improved features in Jack 6 are:
    • The most recent version of Jacks bridge engine as well as Jacks Bali 2013 convention card. In Computer World Bridge Championship of 2013 at Bali, Indonesia, Jack played better and faster to keep his 2012 title from Lille, France. Now you can use the same methods with and against Jack.
    • Complete support for Berry Westras teaching methods. Four card minor as well as his modern five card major methods. Special convention cards for first and second year students are available.
    • Strongly improved preemptive bidding. Many options available to tune the preemptive bidding style in your partnership with Jack.
    • More tournaments, bidding contests and many more deals for the built in virtual JackBridge Club.
    • A new tournament scoring method: instant matchpoints. Join a huge pair tournaments and instantly see how you are doing.
    • Enhanced playing strength. Besides adjusting the playing strength you can now adjust Jacks bidding aggressiveness in detail. Jack himself is not afraid to overbid once in while and if that is something you hate in your partnership you can tone him down!
    • Built-in provision for updating: Now you can download improvements to Jack and new tournaments as they become available on our website ... free of charge until we create Jack 7.
    • Jack 6 is now usable on "notebook" computers (laptops without a CD drive) and works without a problem under Windows 8.
    • On-screen playing cards are digitally enhanced and now available for even the highest resolutions.
    • Many improvements to the Interactive Professor Jack. The Professor will look over your shoulder as you play, making helpful comments about your bidding and card play on the spot. He is flexible. At your command, he will comment about whatever aspects of your play you specify.
    • Options are available to slow down Jacks speed of play to the pace you are used to.
    • Improved help functions and a renewed online manual.
    • PDF available to print the manual brief manual as a booklet for easier reading.
    Jack 6 provides dozens of other improvements and enhancements, of course, including more tournaments, more deals in competition, new bidding conventions, Jack's Bali 2013 convention card, reviews of played deals in the game-viewer, and changes in Jack's partnership approaches.

    Jack is constantly being improved. Whenever a new minor-version (like 6.01) is available it is offered to the Jack 6 owners as a download from within Jack (using Help | Search for updates). Our customers are never at risk of acquiring an old product, but can always use a version that is generally at most half years old. Version 5 owners (either full version or updated from an older version) can buy an update at reduced costs. For older version owners who never updated to version 5 no updates to Jack 6 are available.

    System Requirements: Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8), Jack's installation will only be complete after you activated Jack.

    Upgrade to the latest version of Jack now with this update. Previous version of Jack required.


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